A great way to summarize what kind of organization The Candlelighters is can be summed up with a story about the Band-Aids in the hospital. The hospital only provides the generic, flesh-colored Band-Aids to the children after being "stuck" with needles, which often happens multiple times a day. One of the tasks of The Candlelighters is purchasing “fun" Band-Aids for the hospital - Band-Aids with superheroes, princesses, and sports team logos, etc.

While cancer research is important, that is not the mission of The Candlelighters. What sets this organization apart is helping kids with cancer – where each donation works to put a smile on a sick child’s face, which is something that is sometimes hard to do with a child battling cancer.

The Hull Foundation is The Candlelighters’ largest donor and could not do what they do without our support. For more information on our partnership and The Candelighters donatations, (link to DONATE page) contact us at 662-299-5406.

Helping Families of Hospitalized Cancer Children in Mississippi
Helping Families of Hospitalized Cancer Children in Mississippi

One of The Hull Foundation's objectives is helping families of hospitalized children in Mississippi by partnering with the Candlelighters.

Since 2002, The Hull Foundation has partnered with the UMC Candlelighters of Blair Batson Children's Hospital in Jackson MS, which is Mississippi's only children's hospital. The Candlelighters' mission is to try and meet the needs of patients and their families while the child is hospitalized. Some of these needs, just to name a few, include:

·  travel back and forth to the hospital

·  assistance with the purchase of chemotherapy drugs

·  assistance with funding for parent's meals

·  lodgings and parking

·  funding for the WATS line to the clinic for patients outside the Jackson area

It is operated solely by volunteers, all of which are parents of children that have either had or are currently having cancer treatment at Blair Batson Children's Hospital.

To put it in simple terms, The Candlelighters' mission is to do everything they can to enhance the patient experience as much as possible, and with our foundation, to raise funds that will assist with this mission.